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Motiwala Homoeopathic Medical College

Address: Motiwala Nagaar, Gangapur-Satpur Link Road, Via-YCMOU, Satpur, Nashik, Maharashtra., Nashik, Maharashtra, 422222


Motiwala Homoeopathic Medical College-Nashik since the 1989`s. Along with outstanding homoeopathics education programs, we provide quality clinical care, homoeopathic research and serve as a best...
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  • Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery  More  
  • Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery  More  

Motiwala Homoeopathic Medical College Details

Motiwala Homoeopathic Medical College-Nashik since the 1989`s. Along with outstanding homoeopathics education programs, we provide quality clinical care, homoeopathic research and serve as a best public information center on Homoeopathy Medicine. The study of Homoeopathic medicine is an exciting adventure. It provides a new window in understanding health, healing and life itself. We invite you to explore our programs & to contact us as we work to improve the quality of health & Homoeopathic education.

The World Health Organisations definition of health is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing, and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity. At Motiwala Homoeopathic Medical College-Nashik we aim to support the patient in reaching this goal. Homeopathy is an effective and scientific discipline of healing which assists the natural tendency of the body to heal itself. It recognizes that all symptoms of ill health are expressions of disharmony within the whole person and that it is the patient who needs treatment, not the disease. The main principle of Motiwala Homoeopathic Medical College-Nashik is based on the Law of similar or like cures like. This means that any substance that can cause symptoms in a healthy person can restore to health a person showing similar symptoms in illness.

Motiwala Homoeopathic Medical College-Nashik offered the course such as Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery.The Motiwala Family has been involved in Baha’i activities in Nashik and the surrounding villages of Dang, Harsul Surgana and Peth since the past 3 decades and has been the lack of medical facilities in these areas. When Dr. F.F.Motiwala and his wife, Dr. A.F. Motiwala graduated as doctors, the first thing desired from them by their Mother Mrs. Z.F.Motiwala was to provide medical facilities for their trebles. Today, Motiwala Homoeopathic Medical College-Nashik is among the best institutes in the teaching of the Homoeopathic Science with senior and dedicated staff and an innovative curriculum with an enviable track record in the University Examinations.

Motiwala Homoeopathic Medical College-Nashik is certified with ISO 901 - 2000 for Quality Management system in the field of Medicine. The Management Representative of ISO reviews the working of quality management system during ISO review meetings. Internal and External audits take place. We are marching ahead for continuous improvement as per ISO quality system. ISO set forth international standards for bringing about uniformly and at the same time strengthening the quality of management systems.

Motiwala Homoeopathic Medical College-Nashik is situated in the historic and holy city of Nashik, which would be soon called as 2nd Silicon Valley of Maharashtra. It is located in between the two major cities of Maharashtra., i.e. Mumbai and Pune and Linked to them by roadways and railways, It is just 1801 kms from Mumbai air I.e. It takes not more than 3½ hrs. by rail route.

Motiwala Homoeopathic Medical College-Nashik has a central library which is rich in its collection of a wide variety of books, volumes, video cassettes, CDs, audio tapes and a collection of theses, journals and magazines. It provides an atmosphere for reference and study. Every department is provided with a departmental library for their own references.Motiwala Homoeopathic Medical College-Nashik also provides facility for a “Book Bank” in which a needy student can borrow books for a period of one year in course of study of the said subject. This enables the students to avoid investing in expensive books and there by helps his family financially.

Hostel facilities for girl students are provided in Motiwala Homoeopathic Medical College-Nashik campus. This comprises of self contained rooms with balcony. Provision is made for breakfast and meals, laundry facilities. An enclosed garden and in house T. V room is also provided for entertainment. The students are supervised by a Hostel Parent who would take care and also keep an eye on their well being. Presently Motiwala Homoeopathic Medical College-Nashikdoes not have any boy’s hostel in the campus, but has a tie up for providing a decent accommodation for male students.

Motiwala Homoeopathic Medical College-Nashik has in - campus canteen facility providing decent snacks at reasonable rates, students may also use the hostel mess facilities for lunch by paying monthly charges. In this fast shrinking global village, the accessibility on the net has become a minimum requirement of the modern Information Technology, Motiwala Homoeopathic Medical College-Nashik provides for 80 hrs of internet accessibility each year, students may surf the net, communicate via E-mails during their free time in the college Hub Center, which is open to the students from 8.30 a.m. To 6.00 p.m.

Motiwala Homoeopathic Medical College-Nashik provides the bus service for all students which is mandatory. The bus transports the students to & fro from the college to the city center i.e. ‘Shalimar’ area. Motiwala Homoeopathic Medical College-Nashik conducts a study tour every year for the students of the first year B.H.M.S, in which students visit Homoeopathic Pharmacy, a Homoeopathic Laboratory and along with this students tour few cities and visit hill stations. Usually this tour is of 8 - 10 days, during the month of January & February each year. “Sports for companionship rather than competition “is the motto behind the celebration of the annual sports day. Motiwala Homoeopathic Medical College-Nashik is a regular participant in the tournaments organized by the University annually. Various Games, Athletics, Sports Equipments and Infrastructure are available in Motiwala Homoeopathic Medical College-Nashik.

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hrithik143 published on Sep 27, 2012, 07.24pm IST

Sir I request please start boys hostel facility for your BHMS college my son AMOL not relative at Nasik so his staying nasik big problem up to 4.5 years Chandrashekhar pachora dist jalgaon


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