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Gangarampur College

Address: P.O and PS Gangarampur, Dist: Dakshin Dinajpur, West Bengal, Dakshin Dinajpur, West Bengal, 733124


Gangarampur College - Dakshin Dinajpur was established in 1981 in Gangarampur, Dakshin Dinajpur, as a co-educational institute of learning with the objective of expanding the scope of higher education...
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Gangarampur College Details

Gangarampur College - Dakshin Dinajpur was established in 1981 in Gangarampur, Dakshin Dinajpur, as a co-educational institute of learning with the objective of expanding the scope of higher education in a remote district of West Bengal. The College has moved forth to achieve the desired fruition of its goals in the following years and has been accredited by NAAC C ++ in September 2004.

Cozily nestled in the lap of the river Punarbhava the Gangarampur College - Dakshin Dinajpur provides the society with physically and mentally healthy citizens. Gangarampur, the once sloppy, one-horse town has come of age and so has Gangarampur College. Under the visionary guidance of its existing and past Governing Bodies and Staff members the Gangarampur College - Dakshin Dinajpur now stands on the portal of a rapidly changing world order. But all this without negotiating with the quality of education tendered. We are not attracted by the prestige value of subjects. Our curriculum is Future-oriented. A subject's job-value attracts us primarily since most of our students come of financially-challenged Gangarampur College - Dakshin Dinajpur backgrounds. Swiftness in the rate of development has only envigoured us to fathom our roots and revere the times of yore. Harboring the dreams of making it to the top we honors the demands of the present .We provide intelligentsia equipped enough to take up all sorts of academic and social challenges.

The Gangarampur College - Dakshin Dinajpur started off in an outhouse provided rent-free by an academician on 18 November, 1981 with 18 students on roll and 06 Permanent Lecturers. The dearth of Lecturers was met up with Guest Lecturers from Balurghat College, situated 45 kilometer away. There was a meteoric rise in the number of Gangarampur College - Dakshin Dinajpur students 1983 onwards. That year saw 82 students in the 1st Year, including 29 Girl-students; and 21 students in the 2nd Year with 03 girl- students. She was in her nascent stage when the first feather was added in her crown: Tridib Chowdhury attained First class in B.A. Pass Course followed by Biplab Kr. Mitra the next year. The icing on the cake was Subrata Das topping the University in Economics ( he came First Class First ).This College acted as a beacon of hope to the local intellectuals and enthusiasts since past school, the nearest Gangarampur College - Dakshin Dinajpur for attaining higher education was Balurghat College to the East and colleges in Malda in the West. Since its inception Gangarampur College heralded a path breaking journey into the wonderland of learning. During this journey, at times arduous, accomplishing and self-inspiring simultaneously, several pilgrims joined her and made it effortless. Their temperate and rewarding presence helped her streamline her resources and move from strength to strength. The momentous year of 1982 acts as a milestone in her journey. Gangarampur College - Dakshin Dinajpur came up at its present site, but shape, in that very year with land allocation by the State Government (R. R. Department).

Much water has flown down Punarbhava since then. The Punarbhava Bridge was constructed over her eponymous river; the Archaeological Survey of India excavated ruins of an ancient civilization at Bangarh(03 kms north of Gangarampur); Gangarampur Municipality came up in 1994;West Dinajpur was divided in 1992 and Dakshin Dinajpur carved out; Gangarampur was located on the railway map of India ,and in particular, with aid from different bodies and Funds ,as well as generous donations from enlightened people from all walks of life, Gangarampur College - Dakshin Dinajpur proliferated and blossomed and reached its present state.

The College offers Sports facilities for several indoor and outdoor games such as Table Tennis, Carom, Chess, Football, Volleyball, Cricket and Athletics. There is facility of a Book Bank in the College Library. A number of books which the students require more often are kept aside for the Book Bank. Apart from normal library borrowing, a student can borrow one book from the Book Bank as well.

Stipends for S.C./S.T./P.H. and wards of bidi laborers are provided through government schemes. Apart from these, free studentship is given to meritorious but needy students. All other Gangarampur College - Dakshin Dinajpur students may avail financial assistance from the Students' Aid Fund. An active N.S.S. Unit is operating in the Gangarampur College - Dakshin Dinajpur to inculcate social consciousness and responsibilities among students. The College has several cells to provide assistance to the students on Academic, Personal and Career related matters. There is also a Grievance Redress Cell to enable the students ventilate their grievance on college related matters.

Gangarampur College - Dakshin Dinajpur library is located in the 1st floor of the Raman Radhakrishnan Bhawan. The Library has Reading Room facility for students and faculty members. It subscribes essential, magazines, periodicals and Journals regularly apart from annual purchase of Text Books and Requisite Reference Books. The Library issues two books to each student. Book Bank facility may be availed on demand by 2nd year students only. The Gangarampur College - Dakshin Dinajpur library lends Text & Reference Books to the students of Honors (Nine Streams) & General (Fifteen Subjects). In near future Gangarampur College is going to computerize the Library System which will boost up Library Services.

Loss of Library Books & Library Card should immediately report to the Authority. Duplicate card is issued on production of fine receipt. Students are directed to follow the Library Notice Board regularly. Gangarampur College - Dakshin Dinajpur has come a long way from where it started. With only a few sub major subjects (i.e. Pass Course) in Arts, English, Philosophy, History, Political Science and Economics- with English and Bengali as Elective subjects -the College now serves as a reservoir of knowledge. B.Sc. and B. Com were introduced in 1985-86 session. Today Gangarampur College - Dakshin Dinajpur offers B.A. Honors in English, Bengali, History, Geography, Political Science, Philosophy and Economics; B.Sc. Honors in Mathematics ,and B. Com. Honors in Accountancy. Apart from Honors Courses the College also offers General Courses in all the subjects aforementioned including Commerce. The list also includes B.Sc. (Pure) in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry; B.Sc. (Bio) in Botany, Zoology, and Chemistry.

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