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Babe Ke Institute of Nursing

Address: VPO Daudhar, Distt. Moga ( Punjab), Moga, Punjab


The Nursing profession is always responding to dynamic change & continual challenges. As rapid change continues to transform the profession of nursing and the health care system with which it is...
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Babe Ke Institute of Nursing Details

The Nursing profession is always responding to dynamic change & continual challenges. As rapid change continues to transform the profession of nursing and the health care system with which it is intricately linked, nurses embrace broader opportunities to influence human well-being. Nursing practice is direct service, goel directed and adaptable to the needs of the individual , family and community during health and illness. Over the past two decades nursing as a profession has begun to develop a knowledge base, which is it’s own. The nurses need to continue their unique role that demands a blend of nurturance, sensitivity, caring, sympathy, commitment and skill founded on a broad base of knowledge. With the above concept, Babe Ke Institute of Nursing,V.P.O. Daudhar (Moga) has raised excellent infrastructure and instructional facilities to produce highly skilled nurses according to changing scenario of nursing. We, the Babe Ke Institute of Nursing believe to produce service oriented skilled nurses committed with responsibility and sense of scarification, for which rich instructional facilities, resources and devoted faculty exist.

Babe Ke Institute of Nursing is situated at V.P.O. Daudhar (Moga) near to Babe Ke Medical College and Hospital on Takhanbadh Road ,easily approachable from Ludhiana-Ferozpur highway in the campus of Babe Ke Group of Institutes. The College campus has natural surrounding, spreading the message of National character and International brotherhood. This Institute is spread over 1,05,509 sq.ft ( & Acre) area including 44,538 sq.ft of built teaching block Area. All the Modern facilities are available for carrying on Nursing programmes. It is established away from the pollution and disturbance area.

Since every field of knowledge necessitates the securing of facts and ideas from reading of the printed page ,skill in reading is one of the most important tolls of learning for the nursing students. Babe Ke Institute of Nursing Library is well ventilated and, lighted occupies 300 sq. ft of built up area. Seating facilities of the Library enhances the peaceful reading & writing process, which induces self directed or directed study. Our Library books cover all the specialities of Nursing like Medical, Surgical, Obstetrics & Gynecology (OBG),Community Health, Mental Health, Pediatric and other Medical related books such as Medicine, Surgery, Nutrition, Anatomy physiology, Psychology, Sociology, Microbiology, English, Computer and Encyclopedia which are recently published and edited. We have 26 Journals including National, International and general Journals. These help to students and Teachers to get up- to- date current knowledge.

The field of information technology is like a sea where nothing can be obtained sitting at shore. More deep is our dive , more pearls we get. The quality of health care will improve exponentially not only because of Computer aided diagnosis and Management but because of an overall improvement of efficiency . Babe Ke Institute of Nursing has a Hi-Tech Computer Lab with the provision of 20 computer sets & well furnished with separate tables & revolving chair for every single student. Audio-Visual aids are instructional devices in which the Instructional message can be heared as well as seen. It provides dynamic learning experience and makes it more concrete, realistic, clear. It establishes co-relation and co-ordination of various concepts in respect of their interpretations and appreciation. It gives incentive to the students to make learning effective , interesting, inspirational , meaningful and vivid. We have audio-visual aids lab which has the capacity of 50 seats.

Anatomy & Physiology encompasses a body of knowledge that is large & complex. Students are provided an opportunity of knowing and understanding a multitude of individual structure and function in real situation. Babe Ke Institute of Nursing lab has been designed in such a way that the students can acquire a taste for knowledge about the wonders of the human body. In the world mothers and children constitute a priority group. In sheer members they comprise approximately 70% of the population by the developing countries. Nursing care is changing to single room maternity care in which women labors, gives birth and recover in the same room (LDR-Labor-Delivery-Recovery) ,(LDRP- Labor-Delivery-Recovery-Postpartum) and couplet or mother-baby care. So the nurse must have thorough knowledge about Obstetrics and Gynecology which deals with the pregnancy, delivery and reproductive system diseases and disorder and practical skills for rendering care to the client. Babe Ke Institute of Nursing Obstetric & Gynecology (OBG) lab is furnished with all the necessary and needed instruments which enhance the practical knowledge & skill of students. Our lab is equipped not only with delivery kits ,delivery table, delivery dummy, obstetrical instruments like different vaginal speculums, outlet & inlet forceps, vulsullem uterine sound, currettes, Dilatation & Curettage sets, venthose set and ultrasonic doppler for fetal monitoring, but also with cross sectioning of female & male reproductive system models.

Pediatric Nursing has always been challenging but has become increasingly more complex as the 21 st Century marches on. The Babe Ke Institute of Nursing pediatric lab contains models related to congenital anomalies of newborn, pediatric cots, newborn intubations models, play materials according to age wise, pediatric dummies and growth & development charts. Microbiology is the study of Micro organisms and it helps to the nursing students for early identification of diseases by doing various diagnostic measures and thereby prevention of diseases and proper utilization of treatment modalities. The through knowledge of Microbiology is essential to every health care worker due to lab diagnostic of infectious diseases, revolution of vaccine production with development of recombinant DNA technology, polymerase chain reaction, nucleic acid probes, radio immuno assay and ELIZA. Biochemistry is perhaps the most fascination subject and it deals with the chemical language of life be it, human, animal, plants or micro organism.

Food and nutrition are important for human being during health and disease. Babe Ke Institute of Nursing lab is designed to provide the beginning student with the knowledge of the fundamentals of nutrition related to the promotion and maintenance of optimal health by stressing the practical application of theoretical knowledge. We have equipped laboratory with all utensils, cookers, cutleries, dining sets & glasses, gas cylinders, gas stoves, washing facilities, refrigerators, micro-wave oven, mixer , grinder and groceries that enriches teaching and demonstrating the student nurses to learn the nutritional requirements and preparation of food according to caloric values. Community Health lab is equipped sophistically containing verity of models, community bag, charts etc. as per requirement of Indian Nursing Council, New Delhi.

Babe Ke Institute of Nursing has a grand and well furnished multipurpose hall where various academic, cultural and research oriented activities and programme are organized for bringing excellence in teaching learning process to produce devoted and skilled nurses. We have 12 lecture Halls each one has about 1080 Sq.ft, area having the capacity of setting for 100 students. All the classrooms are equipped with green & white boards , notice board, Dias and podium for the lecturer , fans for aeration and lights for good illumination. A sincere effort is made to corporate all the norms of infrastructure by Indian Nursing Council, New Delhi for the purpose of instructions, their clarification or the explanation of facts, principles or relationships. Babe Ke Institute of Nursing offers different kinds of courses such as • Auxiliary Nursing and Midwifery (ANM) starting soon General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM), Post Basic B.Sc. Nursing {P.B.B.Sc.(N)}, Bachelor of Nursing { B.Sc.( N)}, M.Sc. Nursing.

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